Personal Statement Essay: A Career For A Career In Journalism

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When I first decided to throw myself into the journalism industry, I had no idea that included finishing stories in my car to make deadline, spending countless nights in the newspaper office to make sure the paper was error free and went to press. I felt duped. Journalism on TV and in the media was portrayed as fun and rewarding. If you would have told me that for a story I had to take three buses and cross over an abandoned highway to go cover a school being ran out of an apartment building or spend two hot summer months living on an Army base to profile the lives of cadets, I more than likely would have opted for a different career. While I may contemplate my decision to pursue a journalism, I know that I live for these experiences and each of these experiences in my various internships and jobs have drawn me closer to pursuing a career in journalism. I think it’s the fact that you create something out of nothing and it ends up having an impact. Seeing your final product after rounds of edits and gathering information and sources, is like looking at a puzzle finally being put together. Looking back some of the best stories that glued my interest in the field involved very serious subjects. For example when Terrence Tusan a student at my university was killed and his death unraveled a controversial, my school newspaper sent me to…show more content…
I consider moving here one of the biggest risks I have taken thus far in my journalism career because I made the decision to move from D.C. to New York for an internship while turning down a job in communications. I have no regrets being that I can fully dedicate myself to this internship having already graduated from college, and I am able to pick up more broadcast/video skills that I did not have before. My interest has always been in print and online media, but I know having certain broadcast and technology skills always

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