Non-Verbal Communication: The Long Life Relationship Between Lovers

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Non-verbal Communication: The Long Life Relationship Between Lovers Communication is essential to survive for every human being. We use it to express ourselves to tell what we need, how we feel and why and to establish a strong connection with others. Similarly, it is needed to maintain any romantic relationship and to keep it strong by catching harmony. Indeed, this does not always happen through words. Non-verbal communication skills are also important factors in avoiding possible separations. To illustrate, many of couples split such as Rihanna- Chris Brown, Angelina Jolie- Brad Pitt or Iggy Azalea-Nick Young because of dishonesty, disrespect, not establishing empathy. Therefore, honesty, respect, and empathy as some non-verbal communication…show more content…
Initially, one should try to be tolerant of other´s mistakes that were made before the current relationship. People should try to figure out why he/she made mistakes before and how they can help him/her. To illustrate, Serdar Ortaç had a gambling habit which is kicked after his marriage with Chloe Loughnan thanks to her efforts. In addition, People should ignore words said in a quarrel because when they are angry, they cannot show real thoughts or feelings. Generally, the quarrels bring remorse. People can use "go away ‘' or ‘' I do not want to see you anymore'', but people should avoid making quick judgments. Not only being tolerant about mistakes but also being conscious of your own unrealistic expectations and not constantly grumbling is crucial. Firstly, people, especially women, can wait for expensive gifts without thinking of their husbands or boyfriends´ economic situation. However, how much money is spent on a gift does not measure love. It can be measured in his/her self-sacrifices such as working a hard job to offer you a better life, helping you with chores, and so on. Second, when people are busy, they cannot give their relationships full attention. It is wrong to expect this from their love. For example, your husband/wife has a job to go and they cannot spare enough time for romance. You can understand this situation, and instead of expecting everything from his/her, you can take the initiative and maybe you can make a plan for a holiday rather than making trouble and creating tension at home. To sum up, putting yourself in the other's shoes and trying to understand feelings brings the relationship peace rather than conflicts. All in all, the keywords of a long-term relationship are empathy honesty and respect. Couples should not tell lies, ignore their partners' personalities and obsess over mistakes, and, they should see each

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