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All the President’s Men, an investigative, nonfiction novel, by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein details the investigation into the Watergate scandal caused by Nixon. By specifying the investigation of a burglary, recounting the discovery of a high-profile scandal, and revealing the importance of sources, both anonymous and credited, Woodward and Bernstein explain the factors that were necessary for exposing President Nixon’s part in the Watergate Scandal of the 1970s. Although the investigative trail of Bernstein and Woodward began out of obligation for work, it allowed for their respective careers to grow meteorically and impacted modern America’s relationship with its leaders. Furthermore, All the President’s Men argues that the foundation…show more content…
However, All the President’s Men fails to detail the importance of the public in holding President Nixon accountable for his treasonous acts: the relationship between the public and President Nixon marked a pivotal moment in American society. The investigative journalism of All the President’s Men by Woodward and Bernstein and the open communication between political journalists and the public is essential and necessary in a “free nation.” The novel depicts President Nixon as villainous and power-hungry; his impetuous to obstruct justice was committed to aiding his team, not himself, as even “the President had known nothing of the indiscretions committed by the campaign staff” (99). Woodward and Carl Bernstein note that being so frightened by the government and the organizations that they work for, the informants were unable to make any statements on the case; however, in the case of civil justice, many stepped forward anonymously. The aim of a just government is imperial in a just society, and even anonymous sources buttressed the topic and held government officials accountable to their respective civil

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