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Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, and Lose at Both “They had been trying to avoid love for fear it would get in the way of their ambitions and plans and everyone’s expectations- including their own.” (Unhooked, p. 47) Unhooked discusses the uprising hookup culture amongst young people and the repercussions hooking up entails later in life. Author and journalist, Laura Sessions Stepp, gathers inside information, thoughts, and the engagement of young women from differing upbringings and ethnicities, social class, and demographics in today’s hookup culture. Young women are abandoning traditional, monogamous relationships and beginning to hook up as early as high school, or ‘unhooking’ themselves from commitment. The vague term…show more content…
I have been fortunate enough to have been in a long, committed relationship. Throughout reading this book, I found multiple questions that I myself have been asked in the regard of relationships from peers, friends, and even parents. “Focus on your school before you get a boyfriend.” “Are you going to try to make your relationship work while going to college?” “Are you going to take a break or have an open relationship in college?” “Why get involved this young?” Why? When you feel strongly about another person, you try, you honor, you trust, you sacrifice, and you have faith in the other person and your commitment to each other. Relationships are a leap of faith, and unfortunately, even when you try your hardest and invest endless time and feelings into a relationship and person, sometimes it just doesn’t work out- but this doesn’t mean you should write off all future relationships. Even with the looming possibility that mine and other young relationships may not prevail, I would rather have extraordinary feelings and intimacy in uncertainty and commitment versus meaningless spontaneity with multiple people. I am grateful to have been able to read this book and gain insight into other views and lifestyles differing from my own. I would highly recommend this book to all young women and girls and their parents. It was incredibly eye

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