Analysis Of Charles Murray's 'College Is Not The Only Solution'

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Mohammed Humaid March, 6th ARW 5 College is Not the Only Solution As it seems, saying that there are too many people are going to college is a taboo many would prefer to ignore rather to discuss. It is much easier to continue in doing whatever the others are doing, than to stop and give a fair evaluation to the situation before taking an action. In addition it is no longer a secret that the price of higher education is no longer affordable for many Americans. And as it seams this dilemma is not becoming smaller. In fact this puzzle is becoming harder and harder to fix every year. With this huge inflation and growing unemployment rate, many people ask themselves, is higher education a risk worth taking? Charles Murray, a conservative respected…show more content…
college education is that it is hard to comprehend, and as Murray states that “Liberal education in college means taking on the tough stuff”, furthermore it is not for everyone, because not every one is that smart. It is as simple as that. He argues by saying, “It would be nice if everyone could acquire a fully formed liberal education, but they cannot.” Murray adds further explanation to his claim when he points that, “Getting a liberal education consists of dealing with complex intellectual material day after day, and dealing with complex intellectual material is what students in the top few percentiles are really good at, in the same way that other people are really good at cooking or making pottery. For these students, doing it well is fun.” There are two problems with this type of speculation. The first one, that it excludes any other kind of knowledge that doesn’t fit the criteria. The second and most important one, is that it ignores the fact that colleges job is to “challenge young peoples minds.” Motte Brown, a young Internet blogger in posts a sarcastic respond to Murray evaluation of whom should study in college and whom shouldn’t even bother to try and writes, “Murray's assessment reminds me of a Simpson's episode when Homer tells Bart and Lisa, "Kids, you tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is, never try." It seems Murray is saying the same thing to people with average IQs about higher education -- never try.” If a student decided not to go to college he should do it at least for the write

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