Billy And Google Case Study

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SUMMARY “The Internship” exhibits Google’s environment and culture while narrating the story of Billy and Nick who, after losing their jobs, come across a chance to work in the organization through an internship consisting of challenges which require collaboration. They find themselves teamed with younger interns having different personalities. But as the internship progresses, they are able to cooperate and ultimately get accepted. RESEARCH QUESTION This study seeks to answer the question, “What explains Billy and Nick’s performance in their internship in Google?” FRAMEWORK FOR ANALYSIS In order to answer the research question, the following frameworks will be used: Figure 1. How Organizational Cultures Have an Impact on Performance In…show more content…
Same goes with Billy and Nick, who focuses on putting their team together instead of displaying a competitive attitude to other teams. The defeat of Graham’s team represents how the company prefers team cohesion to competition. Such trait in Billy and Nick is initially observed during the Quidditch challenge and maintained until their acceptance to Google. • Stability Lastly, both Google and the protagonists share the same mentality of growth and development through change and continuous innovation. Both are more inclined to work in a dynamic environment to achieve growth instead of settling with sustainability. Aside from the objective factors that determine organizational culture, the organizational structure of Google, specifically the structure used in its internship program, is analyzed in order to determine its impact on Billy and Nick’s performance. Given its innovative nature, the relatively small size of the internship program, its lack of routineness, the rapid technological progress that it deals with, and its responsiveness to a dynamic environment, the organic model best suits Google’s structure. The following describes the characteristics of the organic model of Google’s Internship Program: • Work Specialization and…show more content…
Contrary to how most interns perceive the company to be, Google is not only looking for technically adept and output-oriented people but also creative, adaptable, innovative and people-oriented individuals. Although the protagonists’ team had difficulty in collaborating because of their individual differences, the members eventually realized the value of using each member’s strengths to the group’s advantage. Through the challenges, Billy and Nick unleashed their unconventional thinking and people-orientation as they led their group and strengthened their collaboration. In the movie, the team felt more empowered as they were given the opportunity to participate in decision making. Because the internship design was aligned with Google’s innovation-centered strategy aimed to cope with the dynamic environment, the protagonists’ innovativeness was put to test, as well. Thus, their satisfactory performance may be attributable to their compatibility in Google’s organic structural design, characterized by low work specialization, decentralization or more participative decision-making, and low

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