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Is it possible to live in a dystopia disguised as utopia? Well, in The Giver, by Lois Lowry, this world is real. The memories that are kept from the community forced citizens of all ages to be the same. They don't even THINK of being different. There is a reason why they think this, and one boy knows exactly that. His name is Jonas, the new Receiver of Memory. He was chosen to receive memories from a man called The Giver. The world that he lives in is filled with sameness, drab surroundings, and newchildren. The memories that he receives show how the world was before his time. This story shows human kind the importance of memory. Feelings are always developing through memories. In this section of The Giver, Jonas’s feelings are developing through The Giver’s memories. He is giving Jonas advice for future reference. This event happens during one of the long talks in the Annex room between Jonas and The Giver. The Giver is giving Jonas guidance of what is to come. “Trust the memories and how they make you feel” (157). This quote shows to me how important memories are to…show more content…
One’s personality usually leads people to their friends, and helps them make choices to decide how they act. In this part of The Giver, Jonas’s personality is changing over time. Jonas is thinking about how many great memories he has received, and what new things he saw that he had never seen before. This quote developed at a training session in the Annex room, after Jonas had received the memory of war. “By now Jonas had experienced countless bits of happiness, things he had never seen before” (153). This quote shows how much, and how quickly Jonas has learned from the memories that he has received. His personality also changed from being non-emotional, to being angered easily, to understanding how to react to different memories. Memories almost always relate to knowledge, and the information about people and their family’s

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