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At some point in our education we were forced to read a book by Lois Lowery, The Giver. We may have even written a paper on it, relating it to how times are today. But to me it left more questions than answers and what author Lois Lowery did was actually write three more books answering most of those questions. The main similarities between the books are they all deal with a utopian type of society with a main hero/heroine making a sacrifice to save their society. In this research paper I will used blogs, reviews and a little interpretation to compare all the similarities but also will dive into how each book relates to one another and also the subtle differences between each book. Starting with the main book which we have all read, The Giver, and how it started the series by creating more questions than it gave. So the first book, The Giver, is probably the one book we are most familiar with, its starts out with a utopian society where everyone is assigned roles through a ceremony at a certain age. Also no one seems to have their own…show more content…
We see character from previous books and we are continuing the utopian based society. Here we have a society which seems to look perfect but the people begin to be weary of the outside world are looking to close off their borders to newcomers. By now we have discovered that there are societies sprinkled all across the globe and it seems like its people are all suffering in some way (Ana). This book starts to show us how a seemingly perfect society will go right back to its beginning cycle if it becomes too obsessed with protecting its way of life (Ana). The difference in this book is we have a society that started open and is now starting to close itself off. So instead of having the main protagonist leave the society they are sent to retrieve someone and bring them back before the borders are completely closed for

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