How Does Reality Television Affect Our American Culture

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These authors main point in this source was to show and explain how reality television acts as a cultural communicator and reflects our American culture. They have stated that we can learn from these shows about our society. They examined the cultural values that exist in reality television shows. Reality television portrays an unrealistic reality and caters towards the needs of their audiences. They describe how reality television reflects the beliefs and values of our society through examples of other reality shows. As time progress, reality shows also progress airing the developed values and beliefs od its time. These authors explained the nine sub-genres of reality programming, and how the shows emerged from the superior cultural principles, morals, and faith. They showed how these shows promote numerous life styles. Miller and Narro also explained how there are more negative elements and attitudes of these dominant values than there are of the positive ones. They show how reality television has…show more content…
They talk about how our beliefs and values are twisted into these shows that we watch almost on a daily basis. They show how these shows can impact a culture through these altered beliefs and values influencing a culture with these negative elements instead of positive ones for our society to see and live by. They show how this form of communication can change a culture from the negative side effects reality television has on its audiences. This resource supports the position I have taken on how reality television has a negative influence and impact on a culture, as well as a society. It supports my idea of there being to many negative elements and influences than positive ones given to the audience. They support my idea of how our beliefs and values are twisted and portrayed in a negative light through these types of

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