The Magic Glasses By Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

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Through out our high school experience, beginning with grade 7, we have taken up several different types of literature. They vary from short stories, to novels, to excerpts, to poems and so on. These pieces of literature help give students an insight on different cultures, practices and life styles in our world. "The Good Earth" is a story about Wang Lung, a farmer in China, who is married, by the house of Huang, to a slave named Olan. Their family begins with good fortune, the birth of two healthy sons, then is followed by bad luck with the birth of a daughter. In addition a great famine arrives in their village, that not only stops their income of money but also their main source of food. The family is then forced to move and strive for their survival. "How does this novel relate to an education for peace?" one might ask. Through reading "The Good Earth" any adolescent could gain some new insight on some of the struggles that the people in our world may go through. This knowledge can help students understand and be more accepting of other cultures, nationalities and people in general.…show more content…
A piece of literature that could represent peace with ones self would be "The Magic Glasses" by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo. The protagonist of the short story is a young girl named Trissy. She tells The story about her getting "magic" glasses from her mother on Christmas. She brings the glasses to school thinking they will make her more popular, she shows them too the most popular girl, Honey and they make friends. She then shows them to Edna who is the meanest girl in that school, Edna takes the glasses from Trissy's face and throws them to the ground and steps on them, causing it to break into peaces. Then towards the end of the story Trissy realizes that the glasses weren't magic at all and it was all in Trissy confidence about the glass. By finding this confidence Trissy also manages to find peace within

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