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The Giver Essay “What am I going to do?”Jonas thought as the elder planned to release the new child, Gabriel. “ How do I save him?” Jonas pondered. He is a nervous wreck trying to sneak into the release room. He has a syringe in his trembling hand full of water. He grabs the syringe sitting on the table and replaces it with the one in his hand. Then he grabs Gabe, and he runs to his bicycle outside. Jonas empties the syringe into the bushes, and takes off into the woods. Jonas and Gabe go on a long journey trying to get through hills of snow, while not having any supplies left. he finally gets to the top of the hill and sees a house. it is wrapped in red and green lights. For the first time jonas felt love. they both were filled with…show more content…
It was Gabe’s first day of middle school. He was eleven years old. Jonas left Gabe three years before in a car crash. There was no one to take care of Gabe, so he got adopted by a family after Jonas died. After his first day of school, when he was walking home, he heard planes flying above him. He did not think anything about it because it was normal for planes to be flying in Chicago. suddenly a spotlight was shined on him. Then a loud deep voice said, “Freeze Gabriel we have caught you.” Gabe took off running towards his house, but someone caught him. Gabe had been held captive for two days now. Then he saw someone trying to break in. The person looked familiar. Gabe remembered that he had seen the person in a memory that Jonas had given him. Gabe realized that it was the Giver. The Giver was trying to save him. Then in one quick motion he shot down the door grabbed Gabe and ran. Security was after them. Then they shot down the Giver. The last few words seeped out of his mouth, “Never try to be the same as anyone else, now run.” Those words lingered in Gabe’s mind as he ran. Once he made it out he got as far away from there as he could leaving his family and everything that he had once loved

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