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Experiment Paper Giving gifts is something people do in almost ever culture. The purpose of this study is to determine the common belief that women are better at selecting gifts than men. Because in the current studies of how in fact women are better at gift giving than men, this study is to currently present the first objective evidence for the title that women are better in picking gifts for others and also give an suggestion of why this is the case. Although when selecting and giving a gift is a sign of love or gratitude, not all gifts are appreciated as much as the giver wishes for. But the real question entails, are men or women better at selecting a gift? So far no study has objectively tested whether women are better gift pickers…show more content…
With the first study they include all different kinds of established relationships whether being romantic, friends or relatives. This was done to assess if the type of the relationship made a difference in genders capability of good gift giving. The method of study one was conducted at a University, the material included an outline page affirming the nature of the study and confirming the concealment of responses. Members were chosen from a personal network of some of the assistants. There were 20 people with a family relationship “7 male-female dyads, 6 male- male dyads, and 7 female-female dyads”( ), 21 romantic couples, and 20 friendships 4 being male-male and 16 being female-female. The average age was 23 years old. Now the way they first study went was that the participants were visited at their own home, asked a bunch of questions privately without the other person hearing. The questions ask age, yearly income, and how long they knew the other person. Next came the gift selecting. Each person was to pick 10 gifts they would want from the 30-piece selection and then pick 10 things they would give the other person. Now for the researchers to conduct if women are truly better gift givers they hade to “conducted ANOVA with gender and type of relationship as between subjects factors and the number of correctly selected gifts as dependent variable. (Because the data stem from dyads,

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