Teen Drop Outs In High School

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Teens are facing more problems now then ever before in our time. Today, kids at young ages through 12-18 are having sex and having an unexpected pregnancy. A lot of the pregnancies are caused from peer pressure, force or even from their own choice in having sex at a young age, and not quite understanding or thinking through the risks and consequences. Pregnancies today are leading to teens dropping out of school because of their new appearance being pregnant and also being bullied/criticized by other kids at school. This is a huge problem because not only does this young mother have her own responsibilities, more and more will be added now that she is pregnant and about to have a baby, but most importantly being a parent at a young age. Being…show more content…
Only about 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma by 22 years of age, versus approximately 90% of women who had not given birth during adolescence" (CDC). This is a problem for young teens because dropping out of can lead to a poorer education and not only for the teen but for the child. High school teen drop outs can effect their children by not having a education and going to school which leads to a lower job selection then teens who wait to have sex or have kids and go to school. Also teens who finish high school and tend to college have a better chance of a more successful life but not only for that young teen but also for the children that young teen could have in the future. Often times when young mothers give birth not all babies survive and some young mothers die during child birth. The Health and Human Services Department reports, teen pregnancies include more health risks compared to older adults who's bodies are fully developed and who are committed and ready to have sex or to start a family. Young pregnancies are bad and should not be happening. Having a child at a young age is hard to support and stops young teenagers from going out and enjoying themselves like parties, dances, and even hanging with friends because that one child would need the…show more content…
They are at risk for psychological disorders which include depression, throughout life. Most people today would want their kids to grow up in life in a kind, safe economy where they would live in a house and have food/money. Most kids when they grow up in life will want those things in life but unfortunately not all kids will have that kind of life style possibly because of their parents having sex and having that child at a young age or just didn't have a good job that paid well. The point is, no child should be brought into this world without love and the money to provide for the child. No child would want to be brought into this world not feeling loved and having parents that can't give them their undivided attention and the things they need to grow up and live a good and healthy

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