The Importance Of The Arts In Our Society Today

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The arts are a necessary part of our society today. Music, art, drama, and dance are all forms of art that allow children and teens to socialize with others that have similar interests, and also give them something that they can enjoy and be passionate about. These are not the only benefits of having a child participate in the arts though. Studies have shown that the arts are able to improve scores in core school subjects such as math, reading, writing, and language, as well as keep a higher percentage of students in school through high school graduation. The arts can also teach students the necessary real-life skills they will need later on. Image your child sitting around after school every day with nothing to do and no other kids to socialize with.…show more content…
Whether it be acting in a school play, attending an after-school drama club, or simply signing up for band, choir, or an art class, participation in the arts has shown to be beneficial to learning in other subjects, and is also proven to keep a higher percentage of teens in school through graduation than those who do not participate in the arts. Data from Americans for the Arts shows that 22% of students who are not actively involved in the arts will drop out of high school, whereas only 4% of students who take part in things such as art, music, and drama will end up dropping out of high school. The correlation between students who engage in the arts and high school dropout rates shows that teens who take part in the arts are more likely stay in school. Whether the correlation is because students who take part in

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