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Amur Leopards are on the brink of extinction, and it is important to protect them, in addition, programs are examining and looking to solve the dilemma. The Amur Leopards are considered Critically Endangered according to the IUCN Red List (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Amur leopards are a subspecies of about 40 individuals left that live in reduced habitats of forests and mountains in Amur-Heilong, located in northeastern China and the far East of Russia. Over time the Amur Leopard has become critically endangered because of several threats including the numerous reasons that are equally crucial for the necessity to protect them; moreover, organizations are addressing this problem. There are several threats that are causing…show more content…
The Endangered Species Coalition describes why it is important to protect endangered species. Firstly, it is important ecologically, as the website Endangered by The Endangered Species Coalition writes the information, “Healthy ecosystems depend on plant and animal species as their foundations. When a species becomes endangered, it is a sign that the ecosystem is slowly falling apart.” When one species is not healthy, then it is a trickle-down effect on other species as well. A non-healthy ecosystem results in a contaminated environment, more equally, risking humans health. Secondly, it’s important to not only to protect animals but plants too. Medicines derived from thousands of plants in which the medicines cure humans of illnesses. Preserving what nature has in store for humanity is crucial for our own health. Recreational reasons are further affected, considering many intensive industry jobs are dependent on the plants and animals. Preserving the biological diversity is necessary to the travel industry as they depend on them. Lastly, protecting endangered species is important, because of agriculture sense. The Endangered Species Coalition announces, “crops contain important genetic material needed to maintain these crops”. The genetic material consists of containing disease-resistant or information for developing new crops. In conclusion, the generalization of protecting endangered species is decisive to…show more content…
The programs that are involved in saving the Amur Leopards mainly include The Endangered Species Act (ESA), and The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in addition to the several small local organizations. The ESA mentions, “In the United States alone, scientists estimate that more than 500 species have disappeared in the past 200 years.” The Endangered Species Act is very effective in America using its environmental laws. It gets people together to protect and reduce the risk of extinction. The ESA’s process created an act of 3 key elements for solutions that the government agencies and citizens go by. These key elements include the following: Preventing species from being harmed or killed, protecting their habitats for better survival, and restoring populations to become healthy again. In addition, the WWF states, “WWF works with local communities, regional authorities, government and other non-governmental organizations to save the Amur leopard and ensure the long-term conservation of the region.” The World Wildlife Fund plans on accomplishing this by stopping poaching and trade, monitor the populations, and to protect the leopard’s habitats. The development of these organizations are carried out by being the first lines of defense, some of the species that have been sent to the ESA have failed, but the US citizens are still supportive to the program in and out of their own communities. Citizens

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