Argumentative Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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In modern society, adolescents are predisposed and peer pressured into engaging in sexual behaviors and activities at a very young age. They see these actions mostly appearing on television shows such: MTV’s Teen Mom & their infamous hit show 16& Pregnant. These types of shows make teenagers think this is acceptable behavior. Many adolescents that become sexually active ahead of their peers are more at risk of getting pregnant due to lack of knowledge of both birth control and how to protect themselves simply, because they are “too young to grasp the concepts. Statistics has shown that by the age of fifteen, over fourteen percent of teens have already began engaging in sexually acts.Unfortunately, 30 percent of those young women within the US will find themselves pregnant before approaching 20 years of age. That will equate to more than 700,000 teen pregnancies each year (StayTeen). The most effective way to prevent teen pregnancy is to remain abstinent until marriage, and if not always practice safe sex with the use a condom.…show more content…
Teenage pregnancy can lead to health problems for both mother and baby, obesity being #1. According to article Obesity, Teen Pregnancy Rank Highest among Concerns. Young mothers are often thought to be at an advantage when it comes to getting back in shape after pregnancy. Lots of teens gain weight after giving birth. This is how the concept of obesity comes into play. After considering factors such as race, education, and background the scientists found women who gave birth before 19 had a 32 per cent higher risk of obesity than women who had given birth at age 20 or later. Based on a survey held by the University of Michigan, US women between the ages of 20 and 59 is believed to be the first to identify teen pregnancy as a predictor of obesity. Also around 15 percent of British women are now obese when expecting a child – up from 7 per cent 20 years ago

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