Should School Start Times Be Changed

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Do you think that school starting times should be later? Research persuades that a later start time improves students attitudes(Schools seeing positive results from later start time for teens). Students that get more rest have more time to prepare and perform at a greater level(Bolkan). Pushing back start times could improve grades and standardized tests(Edwards). School start times should be changed because of sleep deprivation,student performance,and attitude. School start times should be changed due to sleep deprivation. The amount of sleep an average teenager gets on school nights is inadequate. Statistics have shown that,from three midwest high schools, 91.9% of students get less than 9 hours of sleep. Another survey of 15,425 students show that 7.5% get the optimal amount of sleep. It has been proven that adolescents with sleep deprivation are similar to patients with severe sleep disorders. Most schools start at 7…show more content…
A students achievements can increase by 0.175% standard deviations resulting in earning more money in the future. A 3 year project of 9,000 students from eight high schools across 3 states showed that when schools had later start times there were improvements in attendance, standardized testing, math, English, science, and social studies(The Impact of School Start Times On Adolescent Health and Academic Performance). Studies have found improvements in attendance and a drop in daytime sleepiness(Cheshire). A study found there was a 70% drop of car crashes involving teens(Students' grades and health improve with later high school start times). Student test scores increase with later start times. Math and English scores go up by 2 percentile points. As students get older their percentage points increase. Students that go to early starting schools may skip breakfast so they aren’t energized(Edwards). School start times can also have an impact on a student's

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