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How to Integrate Google Map in any Application? Google map is a web-based service that can give detailed information about the geographical regions and sites all over the world. Aside from providing the conventional road maps, it has also aerial and satellite views of the different places. The Google Maps also provides street views with pictures taken from vehicles. It can also give traffic conditions and the route planning for those travelling by foot or by just walking, riding a private or public utility vehicles. These special features offered by the Google Map can help any application (where the Google Map has been installed or embedded), become more efficient and reliable. Aside from providing locations, Google Map has also other services…show more content…
The Global Positioning System or the GPS are also offered by the Google Maps. It can be installed in a mobile device to give you the locations of the places that you would like to go or places that you are searching. 4. The Google Street View allows the users to view and steer horizontal and vertical street level images of the different cities around the world. The Google Map can enhance the functionality of your applications; hence, integrating a Google Map to your application would really be a great advantage. There are no special tools required to enjoy the benefits that the Google Map can give you. The only thing that you need is a text editor, a Web browser and a public Web server where the scripts can be served. It should be a public web server because you cannot use the internal server because each request should communicate with the Google mapping server to make it work efficiently. Integrating a Google Map in your application is not difficult. You can do it by using the Geocoding Services which you can get from the Google Maps JavaScript API. There are four parts of the script. The first snippet creates the Google map JavaScript, which you can use in your script. What you need here is to provide the API key. Google provides your API key to be able to monitor the usage…show more content…
Another snippet develops a GMap object where it is prepared for handling and displaying other methods that can be found in the script. After making the process, the map is placed at the center where the latitude and longitude is being displayed to help you get the exact location of the specific place. The second restriction of the GPoint can give you the height where 1 is considered the lowest height and 16 being considered the highest height. The whole process of integrating the Google Map in the application can be done by copying and pasting the snippet into the HTML file. It is important for you to remember to change the ADD_YOUR_KEY_HERE with your very own API key. The following steps can help you integrate the Google Map with any application: 1. Open the map that you want to install. The map can be a map that you have made using the “my maps” tab. It can also be a search for address, local business or driving directions. 2. You can copy the HTML code from the textbox after the “Link to this page” is clicked. You can also modify the size of the map and check it before installing it. 3. You have to paste the HTML code into your website or into your blog

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