Essay On Why School Should Start Later

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School Start Times for Teenagers Teenagers all over the country are suffering from sleep deprivation due to their early start times at school. Some schools have tried making their start times later and have seen incredible improvements in students’ health and academics. This has become a difficult situation, however, because of conflicts in the bus schedules in school districts with elementary and middle school schedules. Even though changing the time teens start school affects bus and district operations, teens should start school later because students would be more alert and get better grades. After changing the morning start times to later, students have shown dramatic changes in their academics. “When seven Minneapolis high schools changed…show more content…
The district must work out a strategic plan to assign every student a bus that provides transportation to and from school. If the older students start school later, they would not be home to get younger siblings off the bus and most likely, the districts would have to pay for even more buses and still watch the school budgets. “If a bus driver has to drop students off at high school and then pick up the younger kids in elementary school, delayed school start times would affect this schedule” (Morgan). Further support includes, “School districts would need to delay start times for the elementary schools or invest in hiring additional bus drivers to transport the high school students” (Morgan). The change in start times impacts after school activities and sports. Students who take part in these activities would have to stay after school late in the day to meet or practice. “This would make it difficult for students to participate and still have enough time to study, complete homework assignments, participate in social activities and still get to bed at a reasonable hour”
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