Disadvantages Of CPEC

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China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC): Economic Transformation-Challenges and Opportunities for the Local Residents Abstract China-Pakistan Economic corridor is a game-changing project between China and Pakistan. This corridor provides opportunities for economic Development to Pakistan especially to the people of Balochistan. This research paper determined the concept of CPEC in the specific context of socio-economic life of local people. It will look the positive and negative aspects of the projects by taking the local resident into consideration. This study has tended to rely on qualitative methods in order to explain the use, values and interpretation of concepts. The study is qualitative therefore; in depth semi structure interviews and…show more content…
Besides this, the population of the providence is too much high. The providence gives 60% cotton production to the country. However, due to high population it remains backward. Gwadar being geographically important give an option to china to overcome the crisis in its respective province. China can easily access Gwadar by building Silk Road also known one belt one road. CPEC is a fate changer step with other multiple economic projects, including Gwadar help china and Pakistan to fight against economic crisis (Malik, 2015). In order to make good economic relationships nations strive hard to tail advanced economic interest. From the very begging both Pakistan and china have made mutual economic interests. The relationship of Pakistan and china is like Mountaineers, it is deeper than the ocean, this all because of mutual understanding and striving hard to make economic opportunity for the people of Pakistan and china. The long term economic objectives lead towards regional development. It will enhance the economic trade patterns. Concept of one belt one road under the umbrella of China Pak economic corridor proved to strengthen the relationship of both nations. Connecting Gwadar to Kashgar is one of the main objectives of China and Pakistan by building Gwadar port and western…show more content…
It is situated on north western location part of Indian Ocean. It is positioned among the Arabian Peninsula and the Indian subcontinent. It is connected to the gulf of Oman in the Northwest and to the Aden Gulf in the South west. It covers total area of 1,491,000 square miles. Moreover, the depth of the deep sea changes while it connects to the Indian Ocean to the South, but commonly estimated at 8,970 feet (Murtugudde &, Seager R & P Thoppi 2007). The sea produces an imperative link between the nearest countries like Iran, the Arabian Peninsula along with Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan including the horn of African Nation as well as the democratic India. It has multiplied with prominence as to become worldly important due to the longest trade route. Besides this, the small political areas in the world too boot edge the Arabian Sea along with Socotra of the coast of Yemen, Khuriyya Muriyya islands and the Lakshadweep islands. It has the importance to bring rampant economic opportunities for newly economic uplift for the South Asian

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