College Dropout Rates

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Society has changed over years, which brings up the question, has society gotten worse or better? Society has gotten worse frantically over the years. High school and college dropout rates are getting much larger each year. An increase of violent crimes and drug use in the U.S than there ever has been. Scientist, articles, cops, and people all have shared with the world of how untrusting and unsafe it is today. Education in the U.S will become extinct in 2050 at this rate. Education has changed over the years changing the system. Students have to take test and sit down for long periods of time and aren’t offered the opportunities they would like. The result of this is causing dropouts. According to the New York Times more than 1.3 million students drop out of high school every year. Many of these people wouldn’t be able to get a job because 90% of jobs require a high school diploma. In addition, only 21 states require teenagers under 18 to go to high school. After World War II, the United States had been ranked #1 high school graduates rates in the world. Though, now today the U.S has been ranked #22. On the other hand, 68% of students graduate high school and go to college right after they are finished. According to PBS. In their article Who Isn’t Graduating from High School? they state that college tuition has gone up nearly five times…show more content…
When people are shown things that are curious to them they usually want to find out what it is. Well, this is usually the case for teens and adults. They see other people around them doing things that they want to try to. So far 30 cities have reported an increase in crimes. “New Orleans had 120 people murdered in one year,” quoted by New York Times. At the same time, drugs have become more popular especially, marijuana where it has been debated to make it legal. This has been a problem for teens and young adults, according to the article Nationwide
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