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The question has been asked! What cause people to commit violent criminal acts. What push them to that boundary? What is there motive? No one can really justify the answer, not even the criminal their self. Some criminal don’t understand what drives them to their violent ways. Some have remorse after they do commit a crime. Some just don’t care and get a reliving feeling after taking someone else’s life. To even get an explanation on what is the cause of crime. Law official uses different theories to explain the reason of crime. To clarify, No one is born evil! Well that what most think. Some believe most individuals do it off of free will while other believes that people unlawful ways are learned. For instance serial killer Ted Bundy took…show more content…
No one will ever get the truth, but I will like to explain ted criminal behavior with integrated theory. Integrated theory is attempted to explain crime using diverse ideas and models to form one overall criminological theory. Most integrated theories are formed from the Social Control, Social Learning, differential association and Strain theories. But a mixture of circumstances, behaviors and environment, not to mention parental/role model influences in ted’s life. These influences, or a mixture thereof, can perhaps determine if these situations drove ted to become a criminal. Some factor in his life pushed him down that path. Social control theory can explain why children from non-traditional families are more likely to commit delinquent acts than those from traditional, two parent homes. Firstly ted as a child were lied too about the identity of his real parents he lived his young life believing his grandparent where his parents. He hated his mother because she didn’t tell him the truth. He rarely didn’t trust and talk to anyone, because he didn’t have no one to trust. Integrated Strain-Control explains as youths grow into teens, the bonds formed in their younger days will guide them on their path of criminal/non-criminal behavior by continued association with criminals. Even if ted didn’t have any friends he learned his behavior by looking at them dirty images of women getting tortures. He have got so attach to them magazines that was his only entertainment. And this explained how his criminal behavior is

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