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Serial killers are interesting yet unnerving to the likes of American society. Serial killers commonly lack empathy and show no sign of guilt or remorse after they have committed a horrible act or crime. These characteristics are an indication of psychopathic tendencies. Although it may seem like these people would be easy to spot, it is actually much more difficult than normally thought. These killers have a special way of putting on a mask of sanity. They can act very charming and very intelligent when needed. Their talent in becoming a normal person is part of their manipulative mentality, which they use to capture most of their victims. These individuals usually get a type of psychological thrill or pleasure from their acts, which cause them to repeat them.…show more content…
Hours before Bundy’s execution, a psychiatrist James Dobson, got the opportunity to speak to him about what influenced his behavior. Bundy went on to say that “hardcore pornography” was the root of his actions. Starting at the age of 12, Bundy would sneak around his neighborhood searching for pornography magazines. As he got older the “soft core pornography” wasn't enough. He began searching for violent magazines which worked for him for a while. Eventually he could not control his impulses. The violent pornography he had been so interested in, gave him the need to perform these acts on his own. He wanted his fantasies to become reality. He knew what he was about to start was wrong, but it was the only way to get the fix he needed (Pure Intimacy). Being a manic depressive, Bundy had episodes where his judgement and social behavior were impaired. During these episodes Bundy would perform horrible acts. On top of his judgement and social behavior being altered from his diagnosis, he would also drink alcohol. While he was intoxicated these episodes where more common to

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