Analysis Of Gregor The Overlander: The Prophecy Of Bane By Suzanne Collins

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Gregor the Overlander: Prophecy of Bane Gregor does not want to back to the underworld again, that is until his sister is taken by giant roaches. In the sequel to the praised Gregor the Overlander, Grogor has to battle his way out with his friends from the Underland and his bat. With another important prophecy resting on his shoulders, Gregor has more pressure than ever. While trying to find the Bane (a albino rat) many casualties come along the way. Will Gregor stay strong with his friends Luxa and Ares? Or will he crumble under the hard burden? New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Collins does it again with The Prophecy of Bane. Collins also, captures readers with a beautifully crafted, action-packed sequel. Suzanne Collins was born on April 10, 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut (Suzanne Collins Biography). She never started writing untill she was out of college and working to write scripts for children’s plays (Suzanne Collins Biography). In addition to writing The Underland Chronicles,…show more content…
For example, "What happens when I fight?” he asked coolly.“You can’t stop. You put out a scent. I have only smelled it once or twice before. We rats have a name for someone like you. You’re a rager,” said [the rat] Twitchtip (Suzanne 162 and 163)." This is when Gregor learns that he is a rager, somebody who is natural born fighter and killer. Grefor does not want to become a rager , but he accepts the hard truth. Another example is, "One moment she was darting around eating , the next the mites were eating her. In less than ten seconds they had stripped the writhing bat down to the bone. Her white skeleton hung for an instant in the air, then crashed into the jungle below (Suzanne 172 and 173)." This is where Howard's bat, Pandora, goes investigating on an island and gets eaten alive by tiny bugs. These suspenseful and intriguing moments makes the reader want to find out

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