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There are many questions that can be asked of a serial killer but the biggest question that I tend to see being asked is why? Why would they kill him, why would they slaughter her, it’s all just a basic question that these people tend to ask but most can’t handle the truth after they are told why. I on the other hand have a multitude of questions I’d like to ask Ted Bundy if he were still alive today. Not why they killed or why he became so evil a little more complicated and complex than that. Like what was Ted Bundy’s childhood like? Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont. Theodore (Ted) Bundy started life as his family’s secret shame. His mother twenty-two at the time named Eleanor Cowell was unmarried when she had Ted. This was Shameful to her strictly religious parents. So to keep him a secret they raised him as the adopted son of his grandmother and was told Eleanor was his sister. Later Eleanor married Johnnie Bundy and they had several children together. At the young age of three Ted already showed an interest in knives and the macabre which is very unusual. Ted was a shy, but a bright child who did well in school, but not with other students. And as he got into his teenage years an…show more content…
With an IQ of 113 he became more outwardly confident and active in social and political matters he was also a very bright student at the University of Washington. While at the University of Washington, Bundy fell in love with a young woman from California named Stephanie Brooks. She had everything that he wanted. He was crushed by their breakup. A lot but not all of his later victims looked like his college girlfriend which was attractive with long, dark hair. His killings also usually followed a malicious pattern. He often raped his victims before beating them to death. In 1972 Ted graduated from University of Washington with a degree in psychology and had been accepted to law school in Utah. Now for the last

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