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y was one of the most well-known serial killers, of all time. He confessed to about 30 murders before he was executed in 1989, but it is thought that he killed over 300 women. When people hear about all of these killings, they wonder, what makes a serial killer tick, and are they made that way throughout childhood, or are they born that way? There is conclusive evidence, using the nature vs. nurture idea and the Jim Fallon brain study, that one is made a killer, not born one. Using Ted Bundy as the subject, there will be a concise history of his life up until his execution, then psychopathic psychology will be used to determine what factors make up psychopaths, who is commonly a psychopath, and the nature vs. nurture idea to determine if they are genetically predisposed or if they are made one throughout their life. Eleanor Cowell gave birth to Theodore ‘Ted’ Cowell on November 24, 1946. Ted never knew his father throughout his life, and shortly after giving birth Eleanor went back to Philadelphia, leaving Ted in the hands of his grandparents. Eleanor’s father, Sam Cowell pretended to adopt Bundy from an orphanage, and Louise pretended to be his sister. A few years later Eleanor moved to Tacoma, Washington with Ted, and she married Johnnie Bundy, since Ted never knew his father he assumed Johnnie’s last…show more content…
Serial killers separate their events into 3 or more separate locations, there is always a “cooling off” period, and after the kill is over and that need is satisfied, soon after that the want to kill returns. Warning signs in the childhood are: fire starting, cruelty to animals, and bedwetting. While Ted Bundy never started fires, and there is no evidence to show that he was cruel to animals, but his grandfather was very bad tempered and had been reported that he had been cruel to animals. The only warning sign that directly applied to Bundy was

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