Anne Bradstreet's To My Dear And Loving Husband

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Anne Bradstreet is a pioneer. She broke through for the women of today to have the freedom of speech in the design of poetry, as her poetry has withstood the test of time. For North America, Anne was the first woman poet; she was a Puritan poet that did not always shine Puritan beliefs in her poetry. Although she did voice herself as a Puritan, her writing is not always acknowledged to be a pure Puritan style. She married Simon Bradstreet, who also shared her deep Puritan beliefs. Anne in the writing of "To My Dear and Loving Husband” she shares her love to her husband in a tone, which is not a pure Puritan style; she has this endless love for her husband, essentially an absolute love towards her husband, loving everything about him. She raised…show more content…
Although Bradstreet grew up in affluence with the luxury of an outstanding education, she was expected to conduct herself as a normal Puritan woman. She was the wife and child of colonial governor, but her position could not save her from the maltreatment and contempt of women stepping over the line. The Puritan belief that a woman's place is in the home flustered Bradstreet. She did not agree with the cultural preference toward women in her time. Bradstreet was critiqued harshly for her role as a female writer; however, she wrote more and more about being a woman. She proved the world that being a woman was to her advantage in the realm of her poetry. Maybe Bradstreet’s seclusion was simply a way to do what she adored most, while not disobeying the traditions of Puritanism. It would be very tough to live in a world where you were told what you were supposed to do or become. I believe that she would be flabbergasted if she knew that four hundred years later, her work would be distributed in every American literature book. Nevertheless, I believe that Anne Bradstreet was an aspiring woman who deserves a lot of respect for her writings for she outshined all
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