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Katelyn Swaney Ted Bundy If there were a ‘Hall of Fame’ for serial killers, most people would know the top 3 names; Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson and Jim Jones. One name that is typically forgotten is Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy is one name that should not be pushed aside in the shadows. Bundy has an extensive history; starting from teen hood, going into his college years, and finally the days before his final breath. Theodore Robert Cowell was born November 24, 1946. Growing up, Ted had believed he had an older sister; but he would eventually come to find that his ‘sister’ was actually his mother, and his ‘parents’ were actually his grandparents. To Bundy’s peers, he seemed shy and socially clumsy, but nonetheless, he was well liked. “Ted was kind of a social guy in high school,”…show more content…
By his college years, Bundy had acquired a minute reputation as a petty thief (Johnson). Also during this time, Bundy believed he had met the love of his life- Stephanie Brooks (A few alias names were used, Brooks being the most frequent) (Montaldo). After a while spent together, Brooks broke off the relationship in 1968 and, in turn, devastated Bundy’s life. Psychiatrist Dorothy Lewis believes this was a key factor in Bundy’s development. Bundy ceased attending school after this event, and didn’t return until the next year; this time as a psychology major. As a part of his degree, it was required that he volunteered with the Suicide Crisis Hotline. There, he acquainted with Ann Rule, who would eventually come to be the author of ‘The Stranger Beside Me’. Rule recalls Bundy as being a “nice, mature young man.” She said she would’ve never suspected such a character to come to do such horrendous acts (Ramsland). In the spring of 1973, Bundy graduated UW with flying colors. It wasn’t until the next year that girls all across various campuses began

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