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Theodore Robert “Ted” Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont. He was born from a twenty-two year old, unmarried woman, named Eleanor Cowell. Her parents did not want other people knowing that their unmarried daughter had a child, so they adopted Bundy and told him that his mother was his sister to keep people from finding out the truth. Later, his mother eventually married, Johnnie Bundy, and moved away with him and her son (A&E Networks 1). Ted Bundy is one of America’s most famous serial killers, but many say that he was a very outstanding and lovable man in any community that he has been a part of throughout his life. As a small child, he was interested in odd things such as macabre and he had a fascination with knives. Bundy was a very bright child, but he was very shy and did not get along with his classmates. When he grew older, into a teenager, he would look into his neighbors’ windows just to watch…show more content…
He had great qualities about him such a being good looking, very intelligent, and sharp with his speech. A reporter named Simon says, “A photo shows Bundy immersed in happy domesticity, opening a bottle of wine as he sits with a girlfriend. At the moment the photo was taken, Bundy had already abducted and murdered twenty-four women and committed nightmarish necrophilia acts with their bodies” (Simon 2). He was a law student at the University of Washington for some time. There, he fell in love with a girl that exceeded all of his standards that he had for women. She was quite attractive, wealthy, classy, and influential. After their break up Bundy was devastated that he did not have the girl of his dreams any more, which triggered a blood thirst in him. His victims would resemble his ex-lover, young with long, dark hair. Bundy would rape his victims and then he would proceed to beat them to death (A&E Networks

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