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It is a fact that he attacked only college girls in particular, many with dark hair and some facial structure. Shows that he had a specific type that he liked to attack. One interesting theory is that a large part of Ted's victims bear a striking resemblance to his former girlfriend, Stephanie Brooks that caused a traumatic event in his life. He acted by harm and attract females to get help or he would use their good looks to attract their target. This caused fear for women who live over in Washington until Ted moved to Utah for his medical education. The murders stopped in Washington and continued in Utah. During his time in Utah, Bundy took many more victims in both Utah and Colorado. After a while, began Bundy become sloppy. Since the police…show more content…
Hirschi described the theory in his book 'The causes of crime', "Aspects of the social bond includes related to families, commitment to social norms and social institutions (school, work), participation in activities, and the conviction that these things are important. /.../ The more weakened the group that [individual] belong, the less dependent he is of it, the more independent he is and recognizes no other rules of conduct than their own. "In simple words , which fulfill the four element (connection, commitment, participation and conviction) and accept the social demands and expectations that come with being part of a community means that you are unlikely to commit crimes against other people. This means that you can trust others that you have created a personal relationship with and this is one of the most important aspects of human development that keeps people from committing…show more content…
When Louise married a military cook named Johnny Bundy Ted surname changed to Bundy to avoid embarrassing questions from strangers. When he was six years old, his mother a children followed by three more. I think Ted felt lonely because he had more siblings, and perhaps he was afraid that the focus would be on them. At the same time he avoided getting along well with his stepfather, he was expected to participate in family activities and camping trips but Ted continued to remain distant and emotionally detached. During his collage years, he was told about his birth and it resulted in that he had a deep hatred for his

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