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Ted Bundy Adrianna Sanchez Criminology 201-004 Adrianna Sanchez Catena Criminology 201-004 April 26,2015 What makes a serial killer? What drives them to kill, rape, and do horrible things to others when morally it’s just not right to take another person’s life or do anything against their will. On November, 24 1946 in the state of Vermont a notorious serial killer was born. His name is Theodore Bundy or otherwise known as Ted Bundy. I want to start off by talking about Ted’s history. Starting off as a child he had an unsteady home life. He started off his life as the kid the mother was ashamed to have. She was unmarried and her parents were very religious so that was a huge upset for them. To hide him because he was an illegitimate kid the grandparents took him and basically said his mother was a sister. This already was not good because he was growing up on a lie, and an unstable home life is not a good way to raise a child. At an early age he showed interest in macabre which is stuff associated with death. By the age of three he was very fascinated by knives. In school he did well, but it when it came to getting along with his peers it…show more content…
Those thoughts go back to his childhood and even though his mother pretended to be his sister and was there she failed to provide the emotional support a child needs at such a young age. From things I’ve learned in class it’s important for the child to have a supporting family or else they will begin to have trust issues and have problems with socializing. According to delphinejamet.wordpress.com, “Disruption of attachment during the crucial three years of life can lead to affectionless psychopathy which is the inability to form meaningful emotional relationships, coupled with chronic anger, poor impulse control and a lack of remorse.” Ted Bundy fit this description so well, but I cant say that the blame is on his home life but that’s what it leads

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