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Ignacio, Kristle Ruth C. September 9, 2014 2014108401 ENG10 – B26 Q2 Writing – Persuasive Essay A Persuasive Essay on the Removal of Technology and Reviving to the Old Traditional Ways. Technology is a part of everyone’s life. Some people might even think that technology has a detrimental or harmful effect in our lives and therefore should be removed. With this in mind, is it possible to retrieve a life in the old traditional ways? In my analysis, technology has a detrimental effect on nature, human, and technology itself. Detrimental Effect on Environment: It is no doubt that technology brought finer things in life. It has provided many tools that made life not only easier but faster.…show more content…
We have records to show how serious is the problem that technology brought to our environment. Television, magazine and social media never runs out of articles and stories yet it is not enough to convince us that life would be possible without technology. I believe that if we are to bring back the old times, we can use animals and simple tools to plow agricultural land, we can watch the actual play from local theater instead of spending too much in front of television. We should also revive the games that we have in the old times as kids three decades ago to replace the computer games that most kids nowadays are addicted to. Detrimental Effect on Human: According to Alice Martin of Edudemic, there are four ways that overuse of technology has influenced our children in an adverse manner: elevated exasperation, deteriorated patience, declining writing skills, and lack of physical interactivity. Indeed, technology has an effect on human behavior. Study shows that playing computer game and the use of social media networks are the main reason why people nowadays spent minimal time on physical activity and personal interaction. In the article,…show more content…
It is no longer regulated by nature, or humans, and cannot control itself. Self-replicating technologies such as robotics, nanotech, and genetic engineering are self-accelerating at such a rate that they can veer off in unexpected, unmanageable directions at any moment. The Fermi Paradox suggests that none, or very few civilizations, escape the self-destroying capacity of technology. – Kevin Kelly, Arguments against Technology. We have been alarmed of how the technology who offers security has been bridged by technology itself. Companies, individuals and even the government because of this technological glitz have lost millions of dollar. Indeed, if we rely with technology alone for our security, we might be the next victim of scam and privacy

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