Persuasive Essay On Computer Technology

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Today, laptop has become basic need for everyone not only IT personnel. This may bring out some accident during the usage of laptop even for the professional who ignores to escape from the use and introducing the things that are harmful to the laptop. Relevant to the cases that are usually found on laptop, lot of accident occurs which may be the main cause for dead as well. Precaution is better than care. Everyone should understand liquid conducts electricity and when laptop spilled fluid, both positive and negative contacts can come to short lead that damages the elements all over the occurrence of short circuit. Mostly attack occurs due to power components. Shorted or short can only happen when elements of electric energized so the probabilities of short circuit may occur. If your…show more content…
To carry out this safely, explore Windows Control Panel and select “Add or remove programs”. After you uninstall the program, look for the progress. If everything goes well, you can try to reinstall. Check for duplicate problems Laptop issues can occur if you have couple of versions of similar program running. You can examine if you have numerous version of similar program running with Windows Control Panel which illustrates all the programs that you downloaded to your laptop. After you find duplicates, uninstall both version and then again reinstall. You can also browse web for the updates. Do not use more than one antivirus program It is essential to protect your laptop with applicable security software. However, using more than one antivirus software on your laptop may bring conflict to your system. This makes your laptop sluggish and results in worst computer crashes. So, if you have two different antivirus programs installed on your device, active only one. Check for and install windows

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