Essay On Success Habits

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Where Do Our Successful Behaviors Come From? Habits are behaviors that work repeatedly and are reinforced. Regardless of the outcome and whether it's positive or negative, we do things because we receive reinforcement for that behavior. Smoking is a habit that some people acquire. The initial reinforcement for smoking may be that it "calms my nerves" or "makes me look cool." After I smoke for a period of time, it becomes part of me. Eventually, I'm stuck with the habit, and I may even forget the original reasons for adopting the behavior. Self-defeating behavior, while not having the same addictive properties as nicotine, can be as insidious in its effect on my ability to achieve my goals. I continue to undermine my effectiveness and well-being without consciously seeing the effects of my habit. Building on My Successes Habits may be positive as well. Once I have successfully…show more content…
I can use this information to make conscious changes in my behavior. I can incorporate new practices into my life or replace other self-limiting or self-defeating behaviors with successful practices. Here are some thoughts to help identify and change self-limiting behaviors. Identify what you're doing now instead. And, determine the cost to you. Do it. Recognize that you don't have to believe it before you do it. Try it out. Do it, and watch for results after a reasonable amount of time. The results will follow the action, and you may change your beliefs after you see the successful results. Plan changes deliberately. Initially, you may find that your natural reaction and old habits take over. Notice when you "slip," and re-identify the practice you want to use instead. Consciously choose it next time. Get reinforcement. Reward yourself, and ask colleagues to give you feedback when they see you use your new success
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