Essay: Why Work Is A Job, Career, And Calling

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Good afternoon ladies,gentlemens,boys and girls. I am Qi Hui from class 3E1. Today I am going to talk about what job, career and calling is about and why i personally feels that work should be a career and calling. However before further elaboration I would like to explain what does jobs, career and calling mean. A jobs means a paid position of regular employment. A career means a strong urge towards a particular profession or occupation. A calling means an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress. After hearing the explanation, i hope that you will have a better understand of what job, career and calling is. Before moving forward to take about why i feel that work should be a career and calling. Let’s take a step back and look back in the past on how the people view their work as. In the past searching for a job is easy because the country is still in the process of developing. Since survival for people is much more important back then, they had less demands for jobs. Hence most people might view work as their job. However, nowadays people have increase their demand for jobs as they are much more educated . Career and job aspects today have also started to go through changes and certain jobs are starting to merge in order to improve financially. Thus people are starting to…show more content…
It is very important for us to earn as much money as possible for our future or even emergency use. But, I feel that work is something we do everyday and if we find no interest in the work we do and only work for the seek of money. I personally feel that life will be very boring and tiring. For example, if you work as a cashier at a well-known supermarket you might find it pointless as all you do is scan items and pack them. Furthermore , there is no much skill you can pick up from the job. Hence, I did not consider work as a

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