'The World House' By Dr. Martin Luther King

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“The World House” Essay In “The World House” (1964), a section of his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a leader in the American Civil Rights Movement, argues that all people, other than race or religion, must work together in order to solve world problems of poverty, war, and social injustice to prevent self destruction by technological advancements. To develop his argument, King discusses technology and freedom revolutions before recognizing that the failure to acknowledge these revolutions and lack of moral advancement will lead to world destruction. His purpose in writing this text is to let the people of this world know about the gap that needs to be closed in order to avoid self destruction of misuse of technology. His intended audience was other prominent individuals in attendance at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, such as scholars…show more content…
King explains this by trying to get to peoples minds and wanting them to feel the speech in there hearts. It shows that he is making people realize what the future can become. Additionally, he also states, “Something within has reminded the Negro of his bright right freedom and something without has reminded him that it can be gained” (per.8). King shows what kind of rights people have and how they should pursue them with justice. The people listen if he is using examples and text from the bible to get the attention he needs. Also, he shows compassion by saying, “Nothing could be more tragic than for men to live there revolutionary times and fail to achieve new attitudes” (per.9). By saying that he wants the people to see the revolution but are failing to embrace it. Also that men are not looking at the situation it demands. Overall, King wants the audience to realize that the world is affected by our every

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