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The researcher used this strategy not only to describe the various service components of the SERVQUAL model and their importance to customers but also why they consider these attributes to be important to them. Quantitative strategy was used and findings were generalized to the particular context. The findings discussed in this thesis were mainly focused on primary data. Since there was no research conducted in service quality and its impact on customer’s satisfaction in Ethiopian airline domestic flight specifically in Mekelle area Therefore to assess the research gap this study mainly depended on the primary data found from the distributed questioners. Though, some written documents, annual reports, brochures and magazines were taken in to…show more content…
The researcher has participated in the collection of data through multiple sources like the verbal report, personal interviews, observation and structured questioner as a primary data sources. A case study allows for concentrated study in to an object, individual, group, organization, or culture with many dimensions. Uma Sekaram, (2003) In this research study both qualitative and quantitative methods were used. The research design used in this paper was descriptive research. The main objective of descriptive research is to describe characteristics of objects, people, groups, organizations, or environments. This means descriptive type of research tries to “paint a picture” of a s condition by indicating who, what, when, where, and how questions Babin & Griffin, (2009). In this research study descriptive research was used because it tries to describe the collected data. The collected data was on the expectation and perception of customers and the gap between perception and expectation was multiplied by the relative weight and the total SERVQUAL result has been analyzed. Passengers’ expectations of best airline services and their perception of the services delivered by Ethiopian Airlines were also separately analyzed before the weight…show more content…
The sample size considered 93% confidence level and 7% error term; the level of confidence and error terms was revised taking in to account the rush for boarding and unstable status of passengers’. Hence, the total sample size for the study was 201 passengers. As Zikmund . Babin has mentioned in the book of business research, three factors determines the sample size of a targeted population, these are 1. Heterogeneity (variance) of the population, 2. Magnitude of acceptable error terms that is (10%, 5% or 1%) and + some amount and 3. Confidence level. During the presidential election in the United states of America in 2008 during the election of Barak Obama out the 90% confidence level and 10% error terms, a + 3% in confidence level and error terms was considered due to the emotional status of voters during the final session as per to the survey conducted by Zogby International (www.zogby.com) one of the polling organization which conducts political polls in the US, and the outcome of the poll was quite accurate to predict in their ability to predict the overall

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