Heineken's Management Information System

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SAP ERP System The manage of Heineken said they are using SAP system for their management information system. SAP is a German-based software incorporate that stands for “Systems, Applications and Products in data processing” and offers developed enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to its customers. Heineken international company employs enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that executes the key function of an organization including accounting, sales and distribution, production planning, controlling, human resources etc. The whole business modules get integrated in one flow of informations so that all data are interconnected with each other. Therefore, it enables Heineken international company to get the effective use of resources…show more content…
It facilitates the Heineken international company to check and foresee overall sales price and requested orders etc. Materials Management (MM) : is the backbone of logistics that assists to manage the procurement such as material management. It includes production planning, plant maintenance, verifying incoming invoices, warehouse management. In order to get high productivity and reduced costs, this function analyzes and examines that there is any shortage of materials or any gap in between supply and demand chain process. Production Planning (PP) : creates the plan of production, execution, and monitoring and mainly uses in the manufacturing area. It is consisting of routing which is about scheduling of operations, work center, material master, and bill of materials (BOM). This production planning process enables company to plan for increased revenue growth and ensures customers to deliver products or services on…show more content…
It consists of following components: Financial Accounting (FI): provides a real-time financial transaction to the company and facilitates to identify the financial conditions in the market. It has sub-components such as general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and bank accounting etc. This module documents every business transactions, and creates not only the balance sheets but also the profit and loss financial statements.(Jochen Böder) Therefore, company enables to do effective decision making. Management Accounting (CO): is dealing with the internal flow of costs and revenues within a company and helps to support management decisions. It includes cost center accounting, internal orders, product costing, and profitability analysis etc. The CEO or CFO in organizations makes organizational decision based on this module as well. Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM): anticipates cash flow and reduces working capital as well as operating expenses through analyzing the financial and information flow between the company and its business

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