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medicine and health sciences over the last several years. Doctors and other researchers have used technological advancements in medication to initiate research studies on human health problems and other health challenges (Rodrigues 52). From the research studies, new drugs, and treatment methods have been discovered to help in curing some of the most stubborn diseases which have dogged the human life for a long time. Application of computers in medicine was one of the most significant technological advancements in the 20th century. From the 1950s, computers became critical components to the provision of medical care. There was an increased use of computers in hospitals to continuously monitor the health progress of patients. Insurance providers…show more content…
It is estimated the mHealth market is likely to hit over $20.7 billion by 2020, pointing to the fact that this technology is growing bigger and more prominent (MacRae 1). The use of smartphones and tablets empowers the healthcare practitioners to easily access and send information. The mHealth tool can be harnessed by the civilians and healthcare providers to order for products, perform documentation and to obtain more patient information. Not only is mHealth a wireless connectivity tool in medical healthcare but it also becomes a critical tool enabling patients to participate actively in their treatment processes by integrating with biometric devices. With advancements in mHealth, everything in the medical healthcare industry can be done wireless or remotely without the need to physically be present. mHealth gives us the chance to move the healthcare monitoring out of the conventional offices, and labs and make them part of our daily lives. The advancements in mHealth have revolutionized the healthcare provision to the society and the world in general. With mHealth, physicians are able to provide diagnostic services and medical prescriptions to patients in remote areas of the world. With the continued proliferation of mobile phones and handheld devices, it's only expected that…show more content…
With the healthcare reform and increased access to technology, medical companies are looking for ways to introduce innovative products at low prices. The relevant departments alike have introduced initiatives aimed at encouraging innovations in the medical industry. FDA, for instance, introduced a new Medical Device Innovation Consortium aimed at streamlining the practice of design and testing of new technologies. Researchers and corporates are still striving to assist hospitals to better equip themselves by releasing safe, affordable and adequate medical equipment to the market. Advancements in medicine technology is expected to continue into the foreseeable future with the technological advancements in artificial intelligence virtual reality. The technological advancements have transformed medical healthcare in the society and improved the lives of several individuals. Stubborn diseases that could not be treated in the past can now be treated with the discovery of advanced medical equipment. Citizens located in remote rural areas who could not access proper medical care can now receive medical attention thanks to the introduction of mobile-based medical equipment such as smartphone ultrasound and

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