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Nowadays in the United States of America, saving people’s lives is significant. Therefore, the technology, especially in medical field, must be constantly developed in order to handle any extreme diseases or sicknesses like HIV, Ebola, Polio, etc., that are taking their lives away over time. Also, people have to be thankful to those who have helped updating these medical technologies as we are now having MRI - a body scanning system that is better than X-ray - or Artificial Heart that has assisted in preventing death from heart diseases (10 Greatest). Comparing to the past, people still had limited knowledge of medicine and primitive resources and underwent many dangerous diseases and terrific wars that had caused millions of death and wounded, especially the American Civil War, which was the most destructive war in the history of America and claimed the most lives of many people. During the time, more than 600,000 people lost their lives or…show more content…
Medical knowledge was perceived as primitive, and medical practitioners including physicians did not have any knowledge regarding infections or methods to prevent further infections. Surgeons worked everyday treating soldiers who sustained serious injuries, while nurses were assigned in all tents to attend on patients. The governments of both sides did their best to provide proper medical care for their soldiers, but even the best was not very good. “Medicine in the United States was woefully behind Europe”, and “most Civil War surgeons had never treated a gunshot wound and many had never performed surgery. Medical boards admitted many ‘quacks,’ with little to no qualification.” (Civil War Medicine). The field hospitals that were used to treat the mass amount wounded soldiers were also all kept together in tight, unsanitary, and poorly ventilated conditions which caused infections and

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