My Personal Experience: My Struggle With Time Management

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I sometimes really struggle with time management. I procrastinate a lot which causes me to stress. I need to work on making to-do lists and actually following them every single day. I also take on too many things in my daily life. I need to learn that it is okay to say no. I sometimes decide that I can make time to babysit and to hangout with friends when I do not actually have the time. I then get stressed because I have to fit so much in one day, and I feel like I cannot get it all done. I currently am trying to make sure I set reminders on my phone and write down anything I have scheduled in my phone calendar. These are small things, but they are helping me not feel so overwhelmed. My current time management style is do it right away.…show more content…
Especially if I have other things to do and can't remember what I need to accomplish. Two skills I use are: decision making and self-motivation. I could do better on limiting distractions because I will be in a middle of doing something important and get distracted by my phone or the TV. I feel that I need to complete all my tasks and then do other things on my spare time. I would like to incorporate goal setting and focus because if I stay focus that will limit ALL distractions. Goal setting because if I have goals it will allow me to accomplish me more effectively. It can overall help because it will allow me to get more important things done without procrastinating and without having to rush to get it…show more content…
No how many times I tell myself this must be done or what time to get up. The two things that I am good at getting sleep and stop thing so big. The two thing I have improve in; is a do list and creating studying time. Making a do list can help me mange my time so much better. I don’t feel like my life has any order in it beside taking my son to school and going to work. I can tell myself I should do this at time and then when the time come I go sleep. One thing that I feel will help with school is creating a dedicated study time. I blame everything on my son, why I can’t get anything done. Yes, he loves to play and get my attention, but active keep him busy because he loves to learn new thing. So, I need to stop making up excuse for my

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