Is Technology Good Or Bad

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Day-by-day the knowledge is developing which reveals the hidden things and thoughts on the earth. Some people argue that the future is bright because of the developments in medicine that more then before effective medicines are being made which sometimes can work for treatment of disease, without any operation. And they also argue that in recent years the machinery has made the work easier everywhere, such as houses, offices, shopping malls and other places. But from my point of view, the future is not bright. Of course, I don’t ignore the day-by-day developments and those in the upcoming future to make the life better and easier. But all of them have their own side effects all over the world, which will be harmful for human beings in the future. Though medicine and the medical systems around the world have improved, medicines have their side effects as well. On one hand, curing one disease affects the other part of the body. As medicines are made up of different chemicals, they have their inverse effects on human body (Headersdal). On the other hand, the chemical wastes of laboratories pollute the land, water and air. While making the medicines, a bad and…show more content…
Technology has made the human life easy by using different types of technical systems, telephones and internet; it also gives a harmful radiation that causes different types of long-term diseases. Telephone has made it easy for people to talk with each other from a long distance but it also produces harmful diseases, which cause brain cancer. The network towers for the telephone and the internet are being set in the populated areas of the city so that people could use their telephones and internet with good network coverage. These network towers create different diseases for human beings by releasing the rays and radiations in the air such as; skin cancer, brain cancer, asthma and mental
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