Al Adan Hospital Advantages And Disadvantages

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Al Adan Hospital is said to be one of the biggest government hospitals located in the country of Kuwait. It was built in 1981. Many citizens of Kuwait complain about the lack of available medical treatment there. That is due to the fact that there is only a limited amount of technology, medicine, and treatments available. Hospitals around the country that were once very advanced have now become filled with outdated supplies. Not only that, but the hospital building itself is in dire need of renovating. The question is why not try to make things better? Why not make a plan to renovate both the exterior and interior aspects of the hospital building? Al Adan Hospital is located in Ahmadi, Hadiya, block Hadiya-5. The population of Adan area is…show more content…
The building interior is absolutely hideous. There are no renovations being done at all, and the building looks a hundred years old. One of the defects is the uneven distribution of rooms and beds. There is only a small number of private rooms. When requesting to move to a private room, the staffs always notify the patients that they are full. The problem with the beds is that there is no privacy, and there are constantly loud noises throughout the day. The shared bathrooms are broken down, and unsanitary. In solution, the remodeled hospital will have modern, and efficient bathrooms. Partitions will separate the beds to give more privacy, and reduce the noise issues. Private rooms will be available in a bigger number to satisfy patients that want complete privacy. Another big issue is the waiting area, and system. The seats are destroyed, and very squeaky. The waiting system is very unorganized. Many people do not respect the patient’s privacy with the doctor. They barge in without it being their turn to come in, and the doctor himself does not stop them. A solution can be to maintain an orderly distribution of patients, and increase the number of doctors. That way, patients would not be crowding on one doctor while another is left with no patients. Another solution can be that the ministry itself coming to speak with the doctors, and teaching them how to respectively treat their patients. As for the…show more content…
Medicine that is available in the hospital is the most unsatisfactory treatment they could find; therefore, patients don’t really get the best treatment that they need. This results recovery time for most of the patients to take a long while, and that is not helpful at all. Another concern with the medicine is that there is an unavailable stock of needed medicine for the patients. In the hospital there are a lot of medicines that are not found. The doctors or nurses get forced to prescribe the patients with an alternative from the lack of treatment. This often affects the patients in a negative way. As a result of these faults, the majority of patients are getting sent abroad for medical treatment, simply because they are not getting the treatment that is required for them in this hospital. To fix these flaws regarding the medicine in the renovated Al Adan hospital, better treatment would be provided for all patients. It would be used to treat all the varieties of diseases. Varieties of medicine will be provided for the patients, depending on the condition of the patient; therefore, the treatment for patients will be much more affective, and the recovery process will be

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