Essay On Importance Of Philosophy In Education

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1. What is the importance of philosophy in education? Education and philosophy are indeed connected together since both of them are associated with teaching, learning and discovering. Going back to the meaning of Philosophy, as one source defined- “it is something that emerges from reflection on experience yet it drives you to do things in perspective”. Once you have a philosophy, it creates a sense of direction to what we must be doing and to where we must be going- without philosophy, our education would lead to nothing, or to where and what it is now. Philosophy powerfully shape every part of education- may it be educational theories, policies and practices. Without Philosophy, education would not really exist. Having these…show more content…
“Is man naturally good or evil?” is a question that I could really say, leaves a big question mark in my mind. Yet, I would try to forward my point regarding this. Man is naturally born innocent- of which we cannot equate to being good or evil. However I would say that man is naturally evil. Biblically speaking, in Genesis 1:27, its states there that God created mankind in His own image, and everything He has made in His creation is good. Yet we were created in God’s likeness, in His image alone. It still does not answer the question-“are we naturally good or evil?” So, here it is. God gave us a gift, that is our “own will”. Our own will “naturally” leads us to evil things. Starting from the fall of man at the beginning, Eve was indeed tempted by the serpent, yet, Adam, with his own will, chose to eat the forbidden fruit. Most people choose to be tempted by the things of this world (evil things). Even before God sent His son, man is sinful in nature, and with this I can say that we’re naturally evil. Nowadays, just simply turning on the television to watch news at any random day, there’s always the endless reports of thieves, murderers, bombers and the like and it’s not hard to be pessimistic towards our fellow

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