Veterinary Workplace Communication

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Workplace Communication In the veterinary field, there are several different ways professionals communicate with other employees, professionals, supervisors, and customers. This communication can include the integration of technology and how it is used in the veterinary field and written communication. Communication, technology, and different forms of writing has evolved in the veterinary field as well as effective communication, specific technologies that contribute to effective communication, and the impact it has on communication with other employees, professionals, supervisors, and customers. The importance of communication skills in veterinary medicine is increasingly recognized. “Communication is vital to our profession, when our clients feel listened to, it opens up channels of trust” (UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine - News & Events, n.d.). The…show more content…
It is enabling veterinary professionals to perform tasks faster, more effectively, and achieve better outcomes for patients and clients. The first advancement was in clinical technology referring to imaging (X-ray), veterinary professionals no longer have to worry about being in a dark room for long periods of time, taking multiple radiographs (X-rays) and getting frustrated at how long it takes to produce a series of images. It has since made advancements with digital radiography or Computed Radiography technology, involving the exposure of the plate. Since then there have been further advancements with the “emergence of DDR-tech (Direct Digital Radiography)” (The Nerdy Vet, n.d.). With all these advancements being made, it helps the veterinary professionals communicate quickly to the client and to other professionals for advice. The quick and more accurate information that can be communicated with others, the fast an animal can be diagnosed and the client can feel

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