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In the 21st Century, technologies are playing a major lead in human’s life. We can see a lot of technology had been improved for our own goods. Back in the days, people don’t really rely on technology. As time passed, technology become our basic necessities. In this globalization technology affects our society significantly. It has become an integral part in our life by bringing so much benefits to us. Technology improves the efficiency in education, medicine, transportation, entertainment and more. When mentioning of how technology impacts our society, people will think of its positive influence. However, according to Newtons third law of motion, For every action, there is an opposite reaction. Indeed, technology is beneficial to us, however…show more content…
As a consequence, the rate of obesity increases. Many studies have determined the relationship between the adoption of new technologies and negative health outcomes such as obesity, heart disease. A strong argument for technology killing creativity is that kids and adults who always have their heads in their phones, tablets or laptop lack imaginative activities that help to promote creativity. Creativity is often referred to as a “use it or lose it” discipline. You might work in a creative job role, but even you could be strangling your creativity by being fastened to a device constantly. Franken described three reasons why people were motivated to be creative. One was a need for a variety of new experiences, two was a need to communicate, and three was a need to come up with solutions for problem. However, if we are too attached with technology, all those reasons will not happened and we will be least creative. For example, you can access basically anything you like online. There are templates for everything and even academic information is available all over the internet, resulting in more piracy and allegedly, less creative thought when it comes to academic settings. We need kids who will be able to think outside the box, to come up with novel ways of looking at problems. When they are not with technology such phones, tablets and so on,

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