Essay On Technology In Education

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Today, technology such as phones and computers have engulfed the lives of many. The entertainment brought by phones and computers has distracted people away from activities of the past. Arts such as writing letters and playing board games have been replaced with texting and social media. These new activities brought by phones and computers have become so integrated into peoples’ lives that if they were to be outlawed, the quality of society as a whole would dramatically decrease. One of the major aspects of society that would be immediately AFFECTED by this outlawing would be education. Although it may not be so apparent at first glance, phones and computers play a crucial part in the SPEED of education. Most student are given homework assignments almost nightly, and projects almost monthly. Following the assimilation of…show more content…
Following the outlawing of computers and phones, students can no longer watch an informational video on the internet, or call a friend to help them get figure out the problem. Instead, students will have to ask people who live with them or near them, who will not always have a guaranteed answer. Since neither the student nor their local adults know the answers, the student cannot complete the assignment. Often times in math and science, the classes are built on top of concepts from the previous sections. This means that if the student does not understand a concept from a previous section, and they do not have the technology to watch tutorials at home, then they will have to spend extra time with the teacher after school, which unfortunately is not always feasible for everyone. Often times, the students have practices for sports teams and/or club meetings, which makes meeting with the teachers not a FEASIBLE option. Since the student does not understand the concepts, studying for tests and quizzes will also be difficult, and could lead to
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