A Thousand Pictures For A Million Words Analysis

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In “A Thousand Pictures for a Million Words,” an essay by Lash Keith Vance, the author discusses that people do not enjoy the feeling of being mentally attached to an event because they always feel the need to capture a picture of the moment. Once people begin to start using their devices, they get distracted, and the distraction interrupts the flow of the event. He says that people do not only believe in capturing the moment, but also need to have the “best” picture. Besides having to do many things to get the perfect picture, amateur photographers spend the majority of the time on their electronic devices. People only take pictures because their camera is readily available, and they do not have to pay for each and every photograph taken.…show more content…
People seem to take pictures of things that interest them, so they capture these moments in the form of photographs to later look back at their time of enjoyment. While on the other hand, people take pictures of things that are unnecessary and have no meaning. As Vance stated, “when taking a thousand or ten thousand photos costs nothing, then we end up chronicling every single experience in our lives, whether important or mundane, even at the cost of the experience itself” (Vance 407). In other words, Vance assets that people always have the temptation to take many pictures or even have to sacrifice their moment to take a picture. People do not care about how many pictures they take since they do not have to pay for anything; it’s all stored on the memory chip of the electronic device. For example, when I first visited Medford, Oregon, my family and I went hiking on a trail called Table Rock. This was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I was so surprised that the first thing I did was get my phone and began to take pictures. Not knowing how much space I had on my phone, I held the burst button to get as many pictures that I could. As soon as I took my phone out, I gave up the value of experiencing the perfect moment. I did not hesitate on losing the glamorous view, but instead, took a picture and to have it as something memorable. Taking pictures throughout the day made me decide what pictures I wanted and which ones I wanted to delete. If people take pictures of every action they make, then they are viewing their entire life on a memory card because they are not able to remember the

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