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Humanity with The Use of Technology Humanity can be defined as being human, also known as human nature; technology is the creation of new scientific inventions. As both technology and science have evolved throughout the years, they have affected human nature in both a negative and positive way. We benefit from technology, such as making daily routines much more comfortable, but it also has its complex systems within itself. There is no doubt that technology has a significant impact on today’s society. Nowadays, humans seem to depend on technology. Such as mobile phones, the internet, cars, etc. As technology evolves, we get better creations, but we also we bad ones as well, for example, hacking systems, nuclear weapons, and bombs, and the…show more content…
Towards the end of the story, a tree fell onto the house causing it to catch on fire (Bradbury). “The house shuddered, oak bone on bone, its bared skeleton cringing from the heat, its wire, its nerves revealed as if a surgeon had torn the skin off to let the red veins and capillaries quiver in the scalded air (72).” As the house was being destroyed, it was being torn down, and the quote mentions how its “nerves revealed,” this could be perceived as if a lot of wires were put into the house to function with all the technology and advancements it had. Phillip Hefner states, “Technology is portrayed as the rearranging of matter, the taste for super creativeness.” This quote supports the fact that technology advancements are supposed to become more creative with in time. Such as the house from the story, it was completely advanced for having a voice built in, it cooked by itself, it filled the tubs with water, and it cleaned itself (Bradbury). But as these things are added to the house, more wires and equipment are implemented into the house as well. There is no doubt that better and greater inventions are being developed. Ten years from now, humans will look back and see that the technology from now was insufficient and

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