Essay On Technology And Violence

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Why is it that as time passes acts of violence with teenagers and sometimes even kids younger than that increase within schools and outside of schools? In the past few years, statistics have shown that violence has increased drastically. What changes have occurred to make this happen? One factor could be technology. Almost everywhere you look kids are holding some type of technology. Along with that a lot of information is readily available to them such as violence. Children from an early age are exposed to violence not only with technology but also their surroundings. As they get older they begin to view it as a normal thing, so maybe if violence isn't so normalized or even made readily available to young children there wouldn't be so much violence occurring. Technology can be helpful in many aspects of life but also dangerous to the minds of children and how their minds will develop. One form of technology that can be dangerous to children minds is video games. Along with other forms of entertainment. While those have some benefiting factors with learning it also has some detrimental factors when it comes to the violence aspect of it. Such as violence is broadcast on movies more than ever. This type of movies is no longer rated R or even censored unless there is sex in the movies. Today's society views sex more inappropriate than violence when it comes to movies and what should be available for…show more content…
We’re constantly hearing how bad technology is, but what if they’re wrong? A recent study has shown that violent video games don't actually lead to violent behavior but instead is “less likely to create hate material online, but also that violent video games may be a way for gamers to release aggression”. The study revealed that instead of blaming video games blame poverty, child abuse and drug
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